About the Artist

Nicholas G. Licata recieved his Bachelor of Fine Arts from New York Institute of Technology in Old Westbury NY.  He went on to complete a Master of Arts in Communication Arts with a concentration in Computer Graphic Art in 1992.

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Nick worked for many years as a writer, graphic artist, and photographer.  His work has been published in New York Newsday, The Times Herald Record (in Orange County, NY), in many books, and on the internet.  His turnings have been recognized by the American Association of Woodturners. He has had a life-long love for woodworking, and wood turning.

“I worked my way through college as a cabinet maker.  In the years since,I’ve learned how to work with wood through a myriad of projects.  Graphics and photographs are visual media, but the lathe has opened up the tactile world.  I strive to get the feeling of each piece right.  Sometimes even if it looks beautiful, I keep working the wood until the surface feels beautiful.  I close my eyes and try to visualize the piece as if I were blind.  My hands tell me when it’s done.  Even something as simple as turning and carving a spoon brings me great joy.”

Nick lives in Pine Bush, NY, in New York’s Mid-Hudson Valley with his wife Claire (of  28 years) and his 4 children.   He is also a martial artist having earned a 3rd degree black belt in Nihon Goshin Aikido.  He trains and teaches in his Pine Bush, NY dojo.

“Art and the Martial Arts are not at all dissimilar.  One seeks awareness, oneness, peace and harmony, and a better understanding of self and the world through each.  The paths are different, but the destination is the same.”

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